10 Advices to Separate Between Work & Personal Life

Especially in jobs that require creativity like design, programming, writing, and even jobs like engineering and teaching, the mental state of the worker is very important and directly reflected on his work, the amount of achievement he provides and, most importantly, the quality of this work.



Perhaps the most important thing in a designer’s life is the state of mind in which he works on design. He may turn from one color choice to another, and from one size to another, changing the mental state in which he works, which is not insignificant, especially that the designs reflect a psychological state on those who see it in a way or With another.

This is why it is better to separate daily life from work and to try to keep away from the work environment, especially for free contractors and workers from home.

It is difficult – separation of work and daily life – but it is very necessary to raise the level of achievement, you can do some tricks to make it easier for yourself, but it remains in your hand to take the final decision:

If you work from home, make the workplace different from the place of entertainment, perhaps the most important and most frequent advice when it comes to talking about work from home, there is no need to build an office literally, just separate the workplace from the entertainment venue, The bed, this was the worst behaved at all, even if it was comfortable.
Tell your roommates, whether your friend or family, your daily working hours, do not tell them all the details. Just declare that you will work in time, so as to avoid irritations during your work as much as possible, they will often understand, but do not count on that much.
Save yourself from the general atmosphere of the home or room where you work in these hours, close unnecessary and non-work applications as social networking applications, and try to focus as much Possible in the work before you.
Times of “meditation” in the work not exploited in social networking surfing, do not do, will move from video to post and from publication to another to waste a lot of time, contemplating the ceiling or even drinking much better tea.
Working from home means that you will be exposed to many of the provinces around you, do not make this affect you psychologically, just get used to “stop at a point temporarily, and follow up later” and you will be fine, do not get yourself to finish work at once or in one session , Even if conditions are appropriate.
When you are out with your friends, for example, or when you sit with your family for food, let work in your small office when you leave it, do not carry work with you to the rest of your life .
The time to work is not to waste your time thinking things out, even if your home is burning, you have to hand over the project, and the time is now to work, work and do not think about home, you can put out the fire later.
Keep a small notebook of tasks next to you, do not rely on files in your computer, you may think about what this entered by separating work from everyday life, well when you write your daily tasks in the book you will not be afraid to forget, so it will be easier to move to your actual job and focus on Concern about distracted side functions.
Do not overload yourself. If your circumstances are not suitable for work, they are not suitable for work, do not force yourself to work with bad psychology, try to give yourself a break to relax, solve problems, and get back to work at full capacity.
Hunger, disease and caffeine are your worst friends, although the work environment may sometimes tempt you to ignore hunger or heat or encourage you to sleep based on stimuli, but these things have a more negative effect It is positive.
In the end, try to give everything right, do not lose your social life for work, and do not sacrifice important work in return for a “too social” life … Reconciling the two is the best option.

Photo rights: Benjamin Voros

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